Selfridges Beauty Project and Oodles of Poodles

Thursday evening, I found myself back in the 1950s as an Elegant Parisian lady hitting the floor of Selfridge’s with other classic Models for the launch of the ‘Beauty project’ and the audience had a taste of the performances that are to follow over the next few weeks. Alongside us were Woodstock, Ibiza and Tribal who wowed the audience with their amazing Zulu Dance.



1950s Parisian Elegance

Annabel Davies and me complete with poodles

Then Saturday we were back again with even more beautiful ladies. We arrived bleary eyed in the early hours for our travel back in time to the 1950s in gay Paris with amazing hairstyles and make up and of course our beautiful couture clothes. This time I had a gorgeous black standard poodle, called ‘Summer’, an essential fashion accessory for elegant lady! We had to meet our poodles in the car park so they could get to know us, then walk round the store so they could get to know the route, this was when I got accosted by a security guard and told I would have to leave if I couldn’t carry the dog!! Then just to finish off rehearsals my lovely model friend Annabel’s poodle, Sonny decided to have a poo in the middle of the beauty hall!! We descended down the escalators in the the beauty hall to applause and gasps from the audience, the atmosphere was amazing. Our performance took us round the beauty hall  complete with bell boy, accordonist and chauffeur in tow, ending up seated in a posed tableau with Maurice Chevalier’s ‘Hello Beautiful’ serenading us before we disappeared  up the escalators

Posing for the Cameras!


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