Autumn in The Venice of the Cotswolds

So yesterday I drove to the beautiful, not so sleepy village of Bourton on the Water in the Cotswold’s to meet the talented Photographer Mr David Morley.

The day started off not looking too good and just as we were about to start the heaven’s opened and we had to run for cover! Thankfully it did’t last long and the during the course of the day the weather improved. We started the day with a bit of ‘steam punk’ style although sadly I forgot the boots but still got quite a good look with David’s eye for styling, he is the King of car boot sales for picking up bargains! Not sure what the passers by thought but a few cars slowed down to look as they passed, probably closest I will get to ‘stopping the traffic’


I changed into the beautiful ‘Adrianna Papell’ evening gown that David had brought for me to wear, he really pushed the boat out on this one, it cost 50p at car boot! amazing bargain as i modelled this make at NEC Brimingham for House of Fraser and something like this would cost nearly £200. It fitted perfectly, I think I am going to employ David as my personal shopper!!! So then we tootled  off to a secret location to catch a few shots, stopping on the bridge en route to catch a few shots but by this time it was getting quite difficult as it was getting quite busy but thankfully the model village was quieter and we got some great Autumnal  shots.





now was time for tea and cake so off we went to Riverside Cafe, no one seemed to take any notice of a woman in an evening dress at lunchtime, obviously an everyday occurrence in that part of the world!

After that time for last shoot of the day so back to the car park for another outfit change….really hope they didn’t have cctv there but amazing how used to getting changed quickly and modestly in pubic places! Being changed with towel wrapped round me on the beach as a child obviously set me up for life for this sort of event!!!

Off we went to find some vintage cars. again no one took any notice of a woman in 1940’s outfit doing daft posing over the lovely vehicles! How I love the British public! Pictures will follow soon.

Then home in time for tea 🙂


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