Vintage Weekend In Eastbourne

one sunny weekend in October my Friend Juan and lovely Ladies of Proud Parkers Photogaphy took a trip to Eastbourne for a vintage shoot. Here with my Juan ready for a day of serious hard work!!


so we took ourselves back in time to the 1940’s and  Juan looking very cool, looking like Frank Sinatra. on the Beach a little  gathering of friends  met up with us  for a picnic and a few glasses of fizz and a few giggles on the beach, my idea of a perfect photo shoot!




we were blessed with fine weather and really had a fun day, I decided would try and do a similar image to the famous Jerry Hall and Norman Parkinson Shot which involved me  balancing on this groyne. Was a bit of a challenge after a few glasses of fizz, what you can’t see that the other side of it was a 4ft drop Juan was standing just out of the pic ready to catch me!



but what a giggle getting me up there in the first place!  Natasha of Proud Parkers Photography had one chance of the shot as I was shaking like a leaf. Luckily there was no trips to A & E!



Now the shot we wanted to do for a long time, at last the everything was in place to do it, the sea was calm enough and not that cold considering!! so we waded out complete with umbrellas! passers by must of thought we were completely bonkers, and they wouldn’t wrong either! it was worth it


great day was had by all, although 2 people ended the day slightly wetter than they started but did they care? of course not!

the lovely ladies of Proud Parkers certainly did us proud.

In and around Oxford with some Talented People and lots of hats!

So this September I hit the dizzy heights of Oxford, literally! I travelled to lovely little village in Oxford  to meet the renowned Photographer Simon Blower and his business partner James Lyon, The very talented Hat Designer and Milliner Jayne Elizabeth Rossiter-Gill who kindly leant me some of her amazing creations to model and the lovely Danielle Shirley who did my make up and a very different hairstyle to my usual bob!

Make and hair done we drove into Oxford to The Varsity Club, one of our locations for the shoot. We were so lucky with the weather but weren’t sure if it would hold out all day so we did our fashion shots on the rooftop bar with the fantastic views looking out over the City.  First outfit was a Turquoise dress and pink and purple hat by Jayne


then second outfit of the day was chiffon Cream Palazzo Pants and Navy lace top both from Zara finished off with Jayne’s statement Tiger Hat, just loved this combination.image(1)sneaky Jayne caught a few behind the scenes shots while the guys weren’t looking bhs

then off to inside to take some internal shots, first little red dress number topped with  Jayne’s beautiful lime green veiled hat, looked fab with the red of the dress, not a colour combination i would of thought of but  loved it.

image (1)

Then into the tux, great look depicted the end of the evening and all ‘partied out’ .



Then to Studio 1, Sunningwell 

here was hats, hats and more hats! on and a Agent Provocateur Little basque number! 

this is a our  take on an  Sophia Loren image, we didn’t try to copy as for a start I am blonde and a lot older than she was in  the originalimage but we were pleased with the results and think it worked well.



then with a Halloween sort of feel I adorned Jayne’s wonderful creation ‘Noir’ along with some latex gloves look complete.




loved this stripy little number


Yet more hats! love the ‘Anonymous’ feel of this one, nothing but the lips and hat!

10574261_706627822750633_1193431793311367939_n (1)


then the hats got even bigger, this is a hat i bought last year from H & M with a shoot in mind, so glad to finally got to use it



this is one i called ‘The Black Widow’ this hat of Jayne’s is amazing and show’s her amazing skills in design and making of hats, I was very honoured to be able to model it for her.


last but not least a portrait, no hat this time



so all in all a great shoot with a very talented team.


More of Simon’s work can be seen here

Jayne’s amazing hats here


Make up Dannielle Shirley

What a difference a week makes

So this week has been a bit quiet this week but some lovely clips and photo’s have appeared on instagram and twitter that the lovely Audience took at the Selfridges extravaganza

little video link of us descending into the beauty Hall to fab welcome

I walk on by with Summer, what a beautiful girl she was and such a poser, even more than me!

stop for a little pose for the cameras

Selfridges Beauty Project and Oodles of Poodles

Thursday evening, I found myself back in the 1950s as an Elegant Parisian lady hitting the floor of Selfridge’s with other classic Models for the launch of the ‘Beauty project’ and the audience had a taste of the performances that are to follow over the next few weeks. Alongside us were Woodstock, Ibiza and Tribal who wowed the audience with their amazing Zulu Dance.



1950s Parisian Elegance

Annabel Davies and me complete with poodles

Then Saturday we were back again with even more beautiful ladies. We arrived bleary eyed in the early hours for our travel back in time to the 1950s in gay Paris with amazing hairstyles and make up and of course our beautiful couture clothes. This time I had a gorgeous black standard poodle, called ‘Summer’, an essential fashion accessory for elegant lady! We had to meet our poodles in the car park so they could get to know us, then walk round the store so they could get to know the route, this was when I got accosted by a security guard and told I would have to leave if I couldn’t carry the dog!! Then just to finish off rehearsals my lovely model friend Annabel’s poodle, Sonny decided to have a poo in the middle of the beauty hall!! We descended down the escalators in the the beauty hall to applause and gasps from the audience, the atmosphere was amazing. Our performance took us round the beauty hall  complete with bell boy, accordonist and chauffeur in tow, ending up seated in a posed tableau with Maurice Chevalier’s ‘Hello Beautiful’ serenading us before we disappeared  up the escalators

Posing for the Cameras!